Interchangeable system - Skip loader SASK

The skip loader SASK is a flexible system mainly used for mobile silos according the DIN 30734 and PFT mobile silos. Besides mobile silos the SASK is able to handle and transport the range of skips according the DIN 30720.

The loading of trailers for skips and mobile silos is also possible and with the SASK an easy job. The scope of duties becomes larger with these various possibilities. Operated with a modern radio remote control a save and careful mode of operation is guaranteed. The complete system is designed and produced by velsycon. This opens the possibility to develop custom-built solutions.


Mobile silos with the additional interface for skip loader systems can be picked up by the SASK, transported to the next building site or material plant and replaced there.

Your advantage

  • All-purpose application
  • Manoeuvrable due to a short wheelbase

Individual or trailer unit

The SASK could also be used in conjunction with a trailer for mobile silos and skips. The radio remote control is a helpful feature for the loading and unloading of trailers. A job easily done by the SASK.

Your advantage

  • Added value by various possible applications
  • Robust and durable design
  • Standard version applicable for mobile silos acc. DIN 30734 (up to 22.5 m³) with interface for skip loader
  • Chains for the transport and handling of skips
  • Acceptance hook for PFT mobile silos
  • Electronic steerage with radio remote control
  • Individual controllable tilt and telescope function

Truck-GVW 26t
wheel base 1. to 2. axle 3.500 mm - 4.500 mm
wheel base 2. to 3. axle 1.350 mm - 1.400 mm
max. silo length 7.150 mm
ASK-Mulde bis 20 m²
tipping angle 215°
working pressure approx. 250 bar
lifting and tipping capacity 18t
PTO without flange "c" i = 0,8 - 1,0 x n-Motor