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Do you need a specifically engineered truck for an upcoming occasion? velsycon can alter any vehicle to your request! Not only do we have the right equipment, we’ve also gained a great deal of experience from 100 years of being in business. At velsycon, we built custom trucks for clients from the buildings and waste management industry, among others. Order your custom-made truck from velsycon and become one of our many happy customers!

However, we don’t only engineer made-to-order vehicles – we also manufacture silo placing systems! Silo placing systems optimize the transport of any silo by helping you load, position and unload your silo. velsycon offers three types of silo systems: a hook silo placing system, a pocket silo positioning system and even a unique system for transporting silos and containers of various sizes! If you’re still not sure what silo placing unit you need, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer support and we’ll consult you! Are you searching for the right container to ship your cargo in? velsycon can surely provide you with the suitable interchangeable vessel for your goods!

Our product range includes silos, which are great for brittle materials, containers for all kinds of fragile or simply large cargo and even swap bodies. Pick the ideal vessel for your freight and enjoy our high-quality products and their many features!

Now the only thing you’re still missing is the proper vehicle to ship your payload? Luckily, velsycon’s also got a wide range of transporters, trucks, tippers and trailers.
Do you need a truck for disposing of construction debris? A lorry for a swap body full of fragile goods? Or maybe a special trailer for high payloads? We can provide you with the suitable transportation vehicles for each situation.

  • many years of experience in construction of silo placing and changing devices
  • high quality and playload benefits
  • Sale and rental worldwide
  • Vehicle construction and custom-made products (steelwork)
  • Financing possibilities

swap bodies, roll-off containers and even various silos

velsycon Ltd is your number one provider of interchangeable devices! We can offer you a huge selection of interchangeable equipment! At velsycon, we only offer high-quality, long-wearing brand name equipment for logistics and transportation purposes, such as swap bodies, roll-off containers and even various silos. We can even provide the fitting silo placing unit! Our company has everything you need, just check the product listing on our website!

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Interchangeable devices - can be changed and dismounted of a certain vehicle, such as swap bodies

The renowned company velsycon is the best place to get all your transportation equipment! We’ve got an extensive selection of only the best quality interchangeable devices. Interchangeable devices are parts that can be changed and dismounted of a certain vehicle, such as swap bodies. Swap bodies, and other containers, are made to be easily placed on trucks, trailers or railroad cars. But, we don’t just offer swap bodies and containers – exchangeable silos, silo placing units as well as waste emptying systems are part of our broad range of interchangeable equipment.