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Are you looking for an established company that can build you next work truck? At velsycon Ltd, we will equip your truck with anything you’d like. velsycon builds custom commercial vehicles for customers who require unique configurations. We focus on your needs, believing well built, quality trucks will keep our customers coming back. Both individual owners and fleet operators receive equal quality and attention at velsycon. If you are looking for a quality truck built right, contact us. velsycon Ltd can also provide you with a suitable trailer and truck for your upcoming shipment! We have one of the largest ranges of trailers available for hire. With years of experience in heavy commercial hire and extensive industry knowledge, we have the service capabilities to get our hire vehicles working hard for you from day one!

In addition, we build silo placing units to facilitate silo transport! Silo placing units are meant to optimize the transfer of silos of any kind, as they simplify the process of loading, transporting and unloading of silos. You can visit our website for more details or send us an inquiry per e-mail! Besides silo placing units, our product range covers a wide spectrum of tools. Such as containers, skip loaders, mobile trash compactors, roll-off tippers and even different types of trailers! Our experienced and knowledgeable team can make it easy for you to hire exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • many years of experience in construction of silo placing and changing devices
  • high quality and playload benefits
  • Sale and rental worldwide
  • Vehicle construction and custom-made products (steelwork)
  • Financing possibilities

carting grain, sand, aggregate or soil? Tipper trucks are a safe and efficient way for transporting loose materials

Tipper trucks are a safe and efficient way for transporting loose materials. Talk to us if you’re site clearing, demolition or quarry work or if you’re carting grain, sand, aggregate or soil. velsycon offers very competitive rates for short or longer term tipper truck hire. Whether you are a contractor, construction company, supplier, or farmer, a tipper is one of the most useful tools of the trade you can find!

velsycon-Silo-Wechselsysteme und Fahrzeugbau-velsycon

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Tippers - perfect solution for commercial fleets across various industry sectors - hydraulic lifter

Tippers from velsycon offer the perfect solution for commercial fleets across various industry sectors, such as construction. A velsycon tipper is easy to maneuver and can operate in tight spaces which makes it ideal for inner city construction sites. Easy to load, this open-bed truck is hinged at the rear of the bed and fitted with hydraulic levers. The hydraulic lifter raises the front of the bed, allowing the cargo of loose material to be safely and efficiently offloaded or dumped.