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Have you always had an exact idea of what your transport vehicle should look like, but you never found a vehicle construction company that could build it according to your request? Thanks to velsycon Ltd that’s a problem of the past! velsycon Ltd specializes in manufacturing custom-made trucks and other vehicles. Due to our decades of experience, we possess all the know-how we need to make any unique request reality.

What is more, we don’t only construct specials vehicles – we also build silo placing units! Silo placing units are an essential part of any and every silo transfer and optimize the loading, transporting and unloading process of silos. We supply pocket, hook systems and even a special multifunctional silo placing unit.
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Are you still missing the ideal transport vehicle for your next haul? velsycon owns a variety of different kinds of trailers, trucks and even self-propelled modular transporters! This way every customer can find the appropriate transfer vehicle for any type of cargo! Of course, we also have other products in our range, such as containers, skip loaders, mobile trash compactors and even roll-off tippers! Whatever you need, velsycon can supply!

  • many years of experience in construction of silo placing and changing devices
  • high quality and playload benefits
  • Sale and rental worldwide
  • Vehicle construction and custom-made products (steelwork)
  • Financing possibilities

transport cement in - container for construction rubble – high-quality design makes it extremely durable

velsycon Ltd offers customers a broad range of products for every task! Whether you’re looking for the right silo to transport cement in, or if you just need a container for construction rubble – velsycon has got everything you need in stock! Have you heard of our roll-off tipper? Its thought-out, high-quality design makes it extremely durable.
velsycon can even supply a specially designed underride guard and other accessories for the roll-off tipper.

velsycon-Silo-Wechselsysteme und Fahrzeugbau-velsycon

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roll-off tipper is the ideal interchangeable device - tippers are cost-efficient and suitable in daily logistical processes

Are you looking for a roll-off tipper that can be used in a variety of situations? In that case the velsycon roll-off tipper is the ideal interchangeable device for you! The tippers are cost-efficient and suitable in daily logistical processes. Moreover, it doesn’t take long to set up the roll-off tippers.