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Are you looking to buy a container for transporting fragile goods? If so, then you should visit velsycon Ltd! We supply customers with a variety of containers and silos for different purposes. Our containers can be utilized for shipping building material, granulates, waste, construction rubble and much more! If you’re unsure which container will fit your cargo best? Then, just contact velsycon’s customer service and we’ll recommend the right container for you!

In addition, we provide mobile waste compactors, silo placers, swap-bodies, roll-off containers, waste emptying systems and much more! velsycon’s entire array of products is comprised of brand-name items, thus guaranteeing premium quality and durability. What is more, our renowned company doesn’t just offer brand-name transportation and logistics equipment – at velsycon, we manufacture it ourselves, too! We manufacture long-wearing silo placing units. Silo placers optimize lifting, positioning and unloading silos of several sizes. velsycon provides three kinds of silo placing units: a hook silo placing system, a pocket silo placer and a unique positioning system, suitable for all types of silos. All our silo placing systems are composed of first-grade materials, making them extremely wear-resistant.

Aside from that, we also build custom vehicles!
velsycon has been manufacturing made-to-order trucks for more than 100 years. Hence, we’ve got the required know-how to adjust any vehicle according to our customer’s request. We’ve constructed custom vehicles for companies from different sectors, such as the building industry or waste management.
Just share your concept with velsycon and we’ll materialize it! Are just looking to hire a commercial vehicle? Then velsycon can help you out! We can supply trucks and trailers, such as semi-trailers, center-axle trailers, low-loader trailers, self-propelled modular transporters, tippers and far more!
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  • many years of experience in construction of silo placing and changing devices
  • high quality and playload benefits
  • Sale and rental worldwide
  • Vehicle construction and custom-made products (steelwork)
  • Financing possibilities

various trailers, such as semi- low-loader trailers, tandem carriers, trailers, self-propelled modular transporters

At velsycon, we own a wide range of equipment for different purposes!
However, we don’t just supply nifty parts to facilitate freight traffic – we also offer a broad spectrum of vehicles to carry your cargo!
velsycon has various trailers, such as semi- low-loader trailers, tandem carriers, trailers, self-propelled modular transporters and many other trailers for all sorts of payloads.

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transferring fragile goods or extremely heavy objects - trailers for transporting

Have you been looking for a suitable trailer for your cargo? In that case, you should turn to velsycon! We’ve got a multitude of trailers for transporting various payloads. Whether you’re transferring fragile goods or extremely heavy objects, velsycon’s surely got the right trailer for you! You can scroll through our online list of trailers and pick the right one for your project. Or you can just get in touch with our customer service, we’ll gladly advise you!