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Do you need a solidly-built silo for transporting bulk cargo? If so, then you ought to buy one of velsycon’s many sturdy silos! We’ve got a broad range of silos for you to choose from: pressurized silos, filter silos, silos with hooks, chain silos, silos with racks and much more. Get in touch with velsycon and we will provide you with the proper silo for your project! In addition, velsycon also supplies customers with suitable silo placing units. Silo positioning systems enhance every silo shipment by facilitating lifting, unloading and positioning of silos. We offer silo placing units for hook and pocket silos as well as a multi-functional silo placer made for silos and containers of any size. Would you like to know more about velsycon’s silo placing systems? You can either read about our products on our website or send us an inquiry e-mail.

Have you been searching for a supplier of premium interchangeable transportation devices? Fortunately, velsycon Ltd has a wide variety of transportation equipment, such as waste emptying systems, roll-off containers, mobile waste compactors, skip containers, silo placers and even different types of silos. You will always find the item you’re looking for at velsycon!

Furthermore, velsycon constructs custom-trucks! We’ve got a crew of engineering experts customizing vehicles in accordance with our customer’s requests.
On top of having long-standing expertise, we also have advanced equipment to customize your vehicle in any way you wish. So, what are you waiting for? Contact velsycon and get the custom-truck you’ve always wanted! Are you looking for a commercial vehicle for hire? In that case, velsycon can help you out! Our fleet of vehicles ranges from skip loader trucks to self-propelled modular trucks, used for shipbuilding or industrial construction. We can supply every customer with the commercial vehicle they need.

  • many years of experience in construction of silo placing and changing devices
  • high quality and playload benefits
  • Sale and rental worldwide
  • Vehicle construction and custom-made products (steelwork)
  • Financing possibilities

Silos with racks - very robust + considerably secure method for shipping cargo

Do you have to ensure a safe transfer of brittle cargo, but you haven’t found the proper container for it yet? Then you should try on of velsycon’s numerous silos!
Our assortment of silos covers silos with hooks, filter silos, pressurized silos, single-chamber silos and even silos with racks. Silos with racks are not only very robust, but also a considerably secure method for shipping cargo. Silos on rails are ideal for transporting cargo on railroad tracks; however, they can also be shipped by other modes of transportation.

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Silos with racks are ideal for rail freight transport - spacious, long-wearing and safe

Does your upcoming shipment require a special kind of silo? velsycon Ltd is the go-to place for silos! We offer customers a variety of silos: pocket silos, chain silos, sophisticated filtering systems and also silos with racks. Silos with racks are ideal for rail freight transport. These types of silos are spacious, long-wearing and safe. Are you interested in purchasing a silo with rails? Then send us an inquiry e-mail and we’ll assist you!